Animal Portraits Pyrography E-Project Bundle


Exclusive Wood Burning Project
by Lora S. Irish
1. Intro to Pyrography E-Book
2. Animal Portraits Pyrography E-Book
3. Plus 3 Pattern Packages
See Below


We have created a bundle package of pyrography e-books and wood burning patterns by Lora S Irish just for you.

*  Introduction to Pyrography E-Book by Lora S Irish, 36 pages
Learn the basics to wood burning – variable temperature tools, pen tip profiles, burned strokes and textures, preparation, tracing
Animal Portraits Pyrography E-Book by Lora S Irish, 41 pages
3 in-depth step by step projects – Lion portrait, Cougar portrait, Cow portrait
North American Wildlife Pack, 22 patterns
Patterns for wolves, moose, buffalo, mustang, deer, and more.
North American Big  Cats Pack, 7 patterns
Patterns for mountain lions, bob cats, turkey, goats, and more.
Western Horses Pack, 7 patterns
Patterns for large horse portrait mantel board, and more.

Learn how to wood burn a finely detailed animal portraits through these two PDF e-Project books. Each page of our Animal Portrait Project features just one full sized, high resolution image for larger viewing.  See all of the fine details and burn strokes for easy to follow guides. Easy step by step instructions, including the sepia tonal value guide.  Ready for you to download today.

A $52 dollar value for only $27.95

Comes in Adobe Reader .pdf format!

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