Puddle Ducks Patterns


Exclusive Designs
by Lora S. Irish
6 Line Art Patterns
1 Long Mantel Pattern


This pattern packet contains six individual close-up designs including the mallard hen and drake, redhead, canvasback, black duck, and green teal. Plus there is an extra large mantel piece pattern available in two heights (10 1/2″ and 6″) just filled with these delightful creatures. Great for Wood Burning! Puddle Ducks are called puddle ducks because, as opposed to species which spend most of their time in oceans, open water, or fast flowing streams and are diving ducks or sea ducks, the puddle ducks spend their lives for the most part in ponds (puddles) and are surface feeding ducks. The term “puddle ducks” includes a number of different species such as Mallard, Gadwall, Pintail, Wigeon  Shoveler, Wood Duck, Blue-winged Teal, Cinnamon Teal, Green-Winged Teal and Hooded Merganser. Here in west Texas we have playa lakes which are formed when rain collects in low places and then dries up. These little ponds are the homes to many species of migrating birds which fly through the central fly-way, such as Mallard, Teal, and Shoveler. Some of the puddle ducks nest here. 

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