Blue Heron Pyrography by Lora S. Irish

Steps to Pyrography Wood BurningMapping your highlights & shadows

When I begin a new burning I like to map out the stages or layers of work that I will need to complete the project.
As a general rule I will first burn the areas that have the darkest tonal values in the design. At the same time I make notes on my pattern paper where my un-burned highlights will fall in the pattern.

The second burning or second layer of work is used to create the general shape of the large areas or elements in the design.
Texture work is done during the third layer of wood burning with the fine detailing done is the last or fourth layer.

For this stage of the Blue Heron Tavern pattern I have used the bent spear shader tip at a temperature setting of 3 – low temp setting. Lay the entire flat of the spear against the wood and slowly pull the tip across the wood to create an even light tonal value.


Learn Wood BurningDevelop the general shapes

Using the bent spear shader tip and a temperature setting of 3.5 begin establishing the curvature of each area.
The darkest point of a curve will fall at the 5 o’clock position and the brightest highlight at 11 o’clock.

Continue using a slow pull stroke with the entire flat of the spear against the wood when possible.

The tip of the spear can be drawn across a pattern line to lay a wide shaded stripe at the edge of an area, as along the bottom bellies of the decoys.

Place the tip into the s-shaped sections of the individual twines of the rope. Pull the tip towards the center point of the rope to create the graduated shading in these areas.

The edge of the spear can be used to create the grain lines in the pier.

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