Blue Heron Pyrography by Lora S. Irish

How To Wood BurnWorking the lettering

Lettering should be treated exactly like any other element or segment of your pattern. I prefer to work any lettering early in the burning to establish the words as my dark tonal value. I used the ball tip pen and a temperature setting of 3.5.

Large Letters

Gently pull the ball tip along the pattern line of each letter to create a light toned outline. Fill the inside of each letter using a tight scrubbie stroke – back and forth movement.

Small Letters

The small lettering at the bottom of the pattern is also worked using the ball tip pen and a temperature setting of 3.5. For thin lined lettering hold the pen vertical to the wood. Work each letter in small section strokes – for the “p” work the backward c, the vertical line, and then the top and bottom serif strokes.

Free Pyrography ProjectDeepen your tonal values

I prefer working any pyrography pattern in layers of tonal value work, slowly bringing the darkest values to their final coloration.

For this pattern the darkest tones fall along the right side of the pier, the lowest edge of the decoy bellies, and inside the pulleys.

I used my ball point tip pen and a temperature setting of 3.5. The ball tip can be used in a tight scrubbie stroke or in tightly packed touch-and-lift spot patterns.






Celtic Dragon Sign PatternsCeltic Dragon Sign Patterns, available at Art Designs Studio.  Corner Dragon Sign package contains one pattern features a Celtic knot tail dragon worked along a right angle layout.



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