Blue Heron Pyrography by Lora S. Irish

Free Irish Pyrography ProjectDetailing

For any design I work to create thick and thin lines during the detailing steps to give some variety to the pattern. The ball tip pen creates a medium line when used with a light pressure, quick movement stroke. As you slow the movement the burned line becomes thicker.

The spear point tip pen creates very thin lines and can cut into the wood, creating a three dimensional effect.
During this stage create the wood grain lines in your decoys, add twine fibers to your rope, and heavily grain texture the pier.

Avoid outlining the patterns – burning every design line of the pattern. To keep your work away from a coloring book look allow some areas the have no detailing or pattern line tracing.

Use the side of the spear point shader to add a small amount of shading to the wood grain by pulling the shader along the burned wood grain line. Sign and date your work.

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