Blue Heron Pyrography by Lora S. Irish

Framing a pyrography wood burningFinishing steps

1. When any pyrography project is complete I work a white artist eraser across the surface to remove any remaining graphite or pencil lines and to remove any dirt or oil from my hands. With a clean, dry cloth remove the eraser bits.

2. Paint two water-thinned coats of medium brown craft acrylic paint to the routed edge of the plaque. Allow to dry thoroughly, about two hours.

3. Cut three two-yard lengths of twisted sea grass. Twist the three strands together at the center point of the strands With a hot glue gun, glue the twisted center point of the sea grass to the routed edge of the plaque. Work a three inch section at a time to insecure that each strand is hot glued.

Begin this gluing at the center point of the opposite side of the plaque from where you want your grass knot. Twist and glue the sea grass, working in small sections at a time until your are two inches from the knot area.

4. Cut a twelve inch long section of sea grass. Un-twine this section to create several individual strands.

5. Hold the three strand sea grass that crosses the top of the plaque hands down towards the bottom of the wood. Fold the three strand sea grass that comes across the bottom of the plaque into a u-shape and lay it on top of the first three strand section.

6. Feed the individual strands around all three strand pieces of sea grass to create a knot. Tie the individual sections into a simple overhand knot at the back of the twined grass. Hot glue this area to the wood.

7. Cut each strand of sea grass to between 6” to 12” long. Tie a knot 3” from the end and un-twine the strand below the knot.

8. Finish your Tavern Sign by applying two to three light coats of polyurethane or acrylic spray sealer. Allow to dry. Add your hanging hardware to the back of the plaque.


Seashore and Ranch SignsThis project was worked with an Exclusive Design by Lora S. Irish, available at
cp127 Seashore Birds and Ranch Sign Patterns

Carved decoys is one large six-piece pattern featuring a wood carved blue heron and two shorebirds against a wooden pier, a block and tackle with rope are in the foreground.

Hawk Ranch is a one large six-piece pattern featuring a red-tail hawk, barn, and water pump wind mill scene.

The Osprey Lighthouse sign is one pattern featuring an inlet lighthouse along the edge of the sea with two fishing osprey.

The Seagull Mantel sign package contains one pattern features six seagulls and one pelican sitting on a row of roped piers.


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