Free Wood Carving Projects and Patterns, Lora Irish

Free Wood Carving Projects and Patterns by Lora Irish

detailing stage of wood carvingYour First Wood Carving – Discover an in-depth look at what supplies you will need, what carving tools you want for your kit, learn about which woods work best for carving, and how to make the basic cuts with your tools.



relief wood carving by Lora S IrishLevels in Relief Wood Carving – Step-by-step instructions for establishing the rough out levels for any wood carving pattern.  Learn how tobreak any pattern into simple rough out levels – foreground, mid-ground, and background – ensuring that every element falls at the right depth in your wood.


Relief Wood Carving Canada Goose by Lora Irish, Free ProjectFree Canada Goose Relief Wood Carving Project – Enjoy this in-depth free relief wood carving project by Lora Irish.  Includes how to trace your pattern, how to create the levels, how to smooth your background, how to use wood burning in your relief carvings, and a free Lora Irish carving pattern.


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