Canada Goose Free Relief Wood Carving Project


This free Relief Wood Carving Project is presented in four easy-to-follow sections your wood crafting pleasure by our author, Lora S. Irish.
A large oval basswood plaque features a flying Canada Goose drake who’s wings literally lift off the background wood. Join L. S. Irish as she takes you through each step needed to complete the high relief carving, pyrography, and painting steps.  This free, online relief wood carving seminar by L S Irish includes a free carving pattern.

The links in this free, online wood carving relief project takes you to Lora Irish’s blog at

Canada Goose Relief Project, Part One

Learn how to prepare your basswood plaque, establish the cutting layers inside the design, trace the line art pattern, and rough cut the levels.
What wood carving supplies you need in your carving kit.
How to create a bench hook or brace for your basswood carving blank.
How to trace your pattern onto the wood.

Canada Goose Relief Project, Part Two

Learn the step-by-step process of shaping each layer of the rough out stage, re-tracing the pattern steps, creating an undercut for high relief, and adding detail cuts.
How to determine the levels and layers in a relief carving pattern.
How to determine the depth of your relief wood carving levels.
How to use a bench knife, round gouge, v-gouge, and straight chisel.
How to cut the background of a relief wood carving.
How to round over the shapes in your relief wood carving.

Canada Goose Relief Project, Part Three

Learn how to wood burn your carvings to clean up rough carving areas, deepen an undercut, and added fine pyrography detail lines.
How to cut an undercut in relief wood carving.
How to clean out a relief carving undercut.
How to cut the fine details in a wood carving.
How to use a wood burning tool with your wood carving.

Canada Goose Relief Project, Part Four

Learn how easy it can be to add acrylic painted details to your wood carvings.
How to paint your wood carving.
How to do dry brushing with craft paints over an oil finish.
How to finish your wood carving.

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