Ceremonial Mask Pyrography E-Project


Exclusive Wood Burning Projects
by Lora S. Irish
Intro to Pyrography
Ceremonial Mask Pyrography


Learn how to wood burn a simple, stylized face through these two PDF e-Project books. Each page of our Ceremonial Mask Project features just one full sized, high resolution image for larger viewing.  See all of the fine details and burn strokes for easy to follow guides.  Add a Feathered Pyrography Border to your next project, following the in-depth step by step instructions.

Ceremonial Mask Pyrography Project by L. S. Irish
* Ceremonial Mask Project
* Feathered Border Project
* step-by-step lesson plan
* extra large photos
* easy highly detailed viewing
* easy printing
* 41 pages

Introduction to Pyrography by Irish .pdf
* basic techniques and skills
* variable temperature tools and pens
* sepia tonal values
* shading, pointillism, realism styles
* 36-page book with 4 patterns

Comes in Adobe Reader .pdf format!

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