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Irish_grape_spoon_02-smallWelsh Love Spoons by Lora Irish

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Free Carving Patterns by L S Irish

Just click on the link above, download to your computer, and be carving tonight!

Package includes all four views for both the shaded drawing and patterns to carve your own Grape Handle Love Spoon.

Please visit our blog at LSIrish.com to learn about the wonderful art style of Welsh Love Spoon Carving.

Download notes:  Please click on the link above, in the pop-up menu save your file to your desktop.  Return to your desktop, double click on the Welsh Love Spoon zip file, which will open a new folder.  Drag and drop the Welsh Love Spoon folder inside the zip folder onto your desktop.  Open the folder and you are ready to print your patterns.   Save the zip file to your folder My Documents, it can be reopened time after time.


Art Designs StudioFree Spring 2014 Pattern Package!
Free Pattern Package
Download Here!art designs studio

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