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1. Our Patterns are for End Use by Hobbyists and Craftsmen only.

2. Hobbyists and Craftsman may sell their Finished Items or Finished Projects that use our Patterns!

3. You are purchasing the right to use our Patterns within the guidelines of this copyright statement, you do not acquire any copyright, ownership, license or any equivalent rights in or to any Pattern whatsoever. We Reserve and Retain all rights and full ownership of our Patterns.

4. Our Patterns are fully Copyrighted. And may not be, in part or in whole distributed, redistributed, published, republished, copied, reproduced, altered or modified and sold or otherwise made available to others in any form for any purposes as Patterns or Designs of any sort, or for any purposes whatsoever.

5. Additionally, our Patterns may not be used in part or in whole as a piece, part or component of any assemblage including kits, craft kits, project kits, instruction manuals, assortments, software, collections, brochures, pamphlets, books, magazines, leaflets that are sold or pamphlets, books, magazines, leaflets that are sold or otherwise made available to others.

6. This Web Site and all Patterns and all Content are fully and completely protected by International Copyright Law. And may not be, in part or in whole reproduced, copied, used in any manner whatsoever. Nor appear or be used on any web site without the express written consent of the owner.

If you know of anyone who is selling or distributing our patterns please let us know.

Please also see: “Copyright, Can I sell my finished projects?”


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