Landscape Wood Burning eProject


Exclusive Designs
by Lora S. Irish
Newly Revised!
45 Page eProject (.pdf Format)


Lora S. Irish’s Landscape Wood Burning e-Project gives you 45 pages of step-by-step instructions over 80 photos and 13 landscape-seascape patterns with drawings.  This is a great Learn to Burn beginner’s project. Bonus e-Project Landscape Painting e-Project containing 22 pages and over 50 photos Learn Glaze Painting with Oil Paints.

Notes From Susan
Wood burning is the art of drawing on wood, leather, paper, or any other organic material with a hot tipped pen or tool.  As the pen is pulled across the material it scorches a line into the surface of your project.  The tonal depth of the line, it’s darkness or lightness, is controlled by how hot the pen tip is and by the duration of time in which the pen tip touches the material.
Comes in Adobe Reader .pdf format!

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