Levels in Relief Wood Carving


lighthouse pattern by Lora Irish


What is the focus of the pattern?

Every pattern tells a small visual story, whether it is a cameo, single item design or a full landscape as our seascape sample. The item that the visual story is about becomes the focus point of the carve.

Since the lighthouse was the first element that I noticed it will become the focus of the carving and the level that it lies in will receive the thickest section of wood.


lighthouse seascape pattern by Lora Irish


What elements of the pattern are around the focus point?

Having found the focus element I want to find any other element that appears to fall along the same plane. The lighthouse is behind the three snow fences yet in front of the water’s edge. There is a small section of snow fence on the right side that also is behind the foreground fencing. This section of fence and the grassy area in which it sets will become part of the lighthouse level.


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