Levels in Relief Wood Carving


sailboat pattern by Lora Irish

Are there elements between the mid-ground and the background?

Thicker wood can take more levels. So let’s do a little more level work. I have an area of water that lies behind the sailboat but in front of the harbor scene. This is a great area for a new level, separating the ocean water from the land.


Sailing Ship Pattern by Lora Irish

How many levels do I need?

There is also a section of ocean behind the harbor scene. By drawing a line where the bottoms of the wharf posts disappear into the water I can create a separation line for the background water. The ocean has been separated into three sections – one for the sailboat, one in front of the harbor and one behind.

I can place the harbor buildings in either the level behind the boat or in the level behind the wharf, depending on how thick my wood is and how deep I want to carve.

I now have six levels, all determined by simply asking myself what element catches my eye and then what elements lie in front or behind that element.


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